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  • sterling silver pebble drop earrings cast from natural beach pebbles from Anglesey. Designed and hand made by Carol James of Silverfish Designs.

    pebble drops medium

    Silver drop earrings cast from pebbles from Anglesey. The medium pebble drops are slightly heavier, hung from silver earring wires and a lovely addition to any outfit.  There are 2 choices in this size range, varying in shape and texture.  A is a more rugged texture and outline whilst B is teardrop in shape with a smoother surface

  • Small silver pebble drop earrings, handmade by Carol James of silverfish Designs

    pebble drops small

    Small silver drop earrings cast from beach pebbles from a beach in Anglesey.

    A choice of 2 styles, A is smooth and rounded where B is flatter and more highly textured.