bachwen stud


Small but chunky silver stud earrings inspired by the capstone of Bachwen, portal dolmen, North Wales. The capstone is decorated with 110 cupmarks on its upper surface.

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Small Bachwen stud earrings in sterling silver. Inspired by the capstone of the Bachwen, portal dolmen, North Wales. This Neolithic monument is located on the LLyn Peninsula and has been decorated with at least 110 cup marks during the Neolithic or Bronze Age.


Bachwen is a special site for me. One November evening back in 2009, as part of the Welsh Rock Art Organisation, we spent many hours waiting for the right conditions for night photography as this is when the rock art is at its best (night, not November!). During this time I had a bit of a Eureka! moment. Up to this point my jewellery had been mainly about the interplay of light and texture, although I was passionate about rock art the two had not yet come together. It suddenly became clear how I could combine the two things and I haven’t looked back since.

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